Psychic, Tarot and Angel Readings

Psychic Readings


Your professional practitioner connects to your energy and uses different tools to provide your reading.  Your practitioner will determine your blocks and how to release them as well as give you an understanding of your life path in relation to those around you.

Tarot Card Readings


In her amazingly accurate readings she tells people the truth of what she sees, and many people come to her for insights on personal love matters. This is her specialty, and she also deals with family issues, work and financial perspective, as well as any questions from the heart.

Rebecka also sees clients on a regular basis who seek ongoing counsel and healing in personal matters or through times of crisis.

She is known as a guide along the unknown path of life towards greater clarity and discernment.

Angel Card Readings


Angel Cards are a psychic tool that your practitioner uses to give you messages you need to know at this moment.  This is your means to connecting to your angels.  Rebecka tells you the truth of what she sees and many people come to her for insights in their futures, love and their pasts.