Our Professional Services: Massage, Reiki, Yoga, Alignment

Posture Alignment & Body Mechanics



Posture Alignment is the cure to all your pain-body problems. You are in pain because you are out of alignment, symmetry and balance. Your posture and forum create lines and a type of function in the experience of your life. The more twisted your bone structure, the more twisted your experiences. Your body is an operation and has a system to work with when it is blocked it does not flow and your body stores toxins.  Your body is a vehicle that takes you from point A to point B. Your body stores everything memory, thoughts, emotions, traumas and injuries even genetics that weight you down physically. The habitual work and job you do daily will have an effect on your body forum, function and posture mechanics. This session will teach you how to be with your body standing, walk, sitting and moving while becoming aware of the shape your body is in and breathing your life force into your new vessel. You will have the tools for conscious living every moment with every step you take. This session will create function in your mind and body, digestion, weight loss, lower and upper back and neck pain discomfort, preventing hip and knee surgery. You will need to bring your camera and bathing suit. 

Your Investment $100/1 hour

Intuitive Psychosomatic Release



The intuitive body workers psychosomatic therapists at Kunda Body seek to sort out “the issues in your tissues”. This type of massage uses techniques such as acupressure and body talk. Using deep tissue massage and trigger point release therapy to open stuck energy that causes deep pain in your muscles. This is your next level of letting go. This unique method soothes body, mind and soul with a mixture of posture correction, emotional trigger point release, energy work, deep issue relaxation massage and body talk. This appointment goes further into the dirt garden of your body-mind, emotions, energy, spirituality and events of your life. Full body awareness will create an authentic body and life. Trauma, emotions, weight and injuries can linger a long time in the body and this service is a way to finally get answers from your body and move forward. This experience will connect your body-mind allowing your system to operate together as one flowingunit. This will allow your soul and light to  shine through You will start o take your body back, your health and vitality are created with deep diaphragmatic breathing. This specialist session is designed for working towards long term healing and breakthrough results!

Your Investment $160.00/1 hour

Swedish Deep Tissue Energy Massage



The mind says yes the body says no. Live your best life and forget the rest. This is a traditional massage experience but this is not your typical massage. This is new using a combination of custom techniques allowing your body to feel light and new again. The Intuitive body Workers and psychosomatic therapists will use Swedish, deep tissue, energy, relaxation massage to let go of your stress, blockage and heaviness. This session will teach your body how to let go of aches and pains lingering on the surface of your body tissue, truly melting your stress away. This unique method soothes body, mind and soul with a mixture of breathing, light trigger points, energy work, deep issue and relaxation massage. The techniques in this session will teach you and your body how to truly let go using deep breathing massaging  your body from the inside out and the energy massage working from the outside in; giving you full body relief. Your body is your business. No body, no business.

Your Investment $100/1 hour

Body-Mind Meditation



You will learn a deep diaphragmatic breathing rhythm that connects your point of focus. You will be meditating on your body pain creating important connections with your body-mind and experiencing results. You will become present in a right now way allowing gratitude to fill your heart! Calming your mind, soothing your heart, and creating vitality and enjoy in your body. This session will organize your energy and your life with flow. You will appreciate yourself in the present moment. This guided meditation is a true connecting exercise that will leave you feeling refreshed and joyful.

Your Investment $65/1 hour

Card Reading & Reiki



This will release the issues in your aura energy body and  tissues using the same pressure points as acupuncture without needles, consistently holding on the mandarin points until they are fully released. These are major gateways in your body used to unblock the frozen energy and emotion that have been lingering, causing major pain and disease in your body. Trigger points are one of the only methods that allow your body to truly let it go. This opens the release for metal, energetic, physical and emotional pain to flow out of your flesh. Emotions are connected to your muscular system and emotional release is the final stage in releasing your body truly.

Your Investment $100/1 hour

Card Reading



The past brings unfinished business and your eternal soul has lived lifetimes before, which affects your life now. Blessings and lessons in the area of family, health, career and relationships have messages of misalignment or alignment according to where you have been and where you are going. This reading will allow you to connect and understand your own behavior patterns to overcome these cycle that block your happiness, health , wealth, well being and self love. Uncover genetic characteristic and personality traits that may come for your ancestors and blood line that may be keeping you from your authentic life now.

Your Investment $195/1 hour

                            $95/30 min


More Professional Services

Reiki Revitalizing Chakra Massage



Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation promoting healing. This session is combined with reiki, breathing, aroma therapy, crystal healing and energy work to release the blockage stored in your charka energy centers and your life. The aura of your body is your energy vehicle surrounding your vessel, this is a very important part of your body that you may not be able to see, yet it does need healing and can be the main cause of your physical body pain. This technique is very effective for the start of energetic, physical health and true body balance.

Your Investment $85/1 hour

One-On-One Yoga Coaching



Are not sure if you are holding your body in the correct posture in your poses? Yoga purifies your spine and creates unity in your body, mind, soul and life. Body alignment in your yoga poses is so important if incorrect, you may compensate your body or cause injury. Perhaps your feet are not straight or you are locking out your knees. This can cause long term damage in your body and compromise your health. One on one coaching will teach you how to hold your feet, knees, hips, tummy, arms, shoulders, chin, gaze and spine as you breathe in each pose. This will take your yoga practice to the next level and open up new space to embody.

Your Investment $50/1 hour

Yoga Group Classes



Kundalini yoga is powerful and produces fast results.  Kundalini Yoga classes at Kunda Body are a dynamic, powerful, fast-paced and effective form of yoga that create visible changes in body and mind in a matter of days, regardless of your age and fitness level. You learn how to stand in each pose with proper alignment while breathing in the new kundalini energy; mother earths life force flowing through our flesh. At Kunda Body, we teach Kundalini Yoga classes both in the traditional style, and in our own personal style with acclaimed Yoga Teacher, Rebecka Pichoch.

Your Investment $45/1 hour

Body Talk Therapy



Your body has a language of its own! The body is incredibly wise when functioning properly; it has the capacity to effectively heal itself. The stress our environment and food, the rat race, emotional, physical trauma can damage our physical, psychological, spiritual health and wellbeing. With body talk therapy your right and left brain will effectively work together again gently and safely restoring the body’s natural ability to heal itself and remain in harmony. This treatment brings every aspect of the body back into balance by re-aligning the communication between the body’s cells and systems.

Your Investment $150/1 hour 




At Kunda Body, we offer a variety of awesome workshops which include full and new moon meditation and manifesting ceremonies, posture alignment, vision board and intention workshops and so much more.

Pricing varies.  Please call us to inquire.

New Moon Meditation March 11  Bring your crystals and yoga mat, pillow and blanket to ensure you are comfortable.  We will be working on setting intentions and manifesting your hearts desires and the laws of abundance. Take home gift included.  

Your Investment $50/2 hour  Reserve your spot as seating is limited.